This document is only applicable to Employees of Blue Ring Digital Services Limited.

"Attendance and Absence Management Policy" refers to this Attendance and Absence Management Policy.

"You", "Your", "Employee", "Employees" refers to You the Employee of Blue Ring Digital Services Limited.

"We", "Us", "Our", "Blue Ring Digital Services Limited" refers to Blue Ring Digital Services Limited.

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Blue Ring Digital Services Limited aims to encourage all its Employees to maximise their attendance at work and therefore Employees are expected to attend work regularly and on time. It is recognised that a certain level of unscheduled absence is inevitable. It is Our policy to support Employees who are genuinely sick and unable to come to work. However, We have to consider the effects that unscheduled absence has on the services We provide, and other Employees, and We therefore expect all Employees to take measures to keep absences from work to a minimum. The Attendance and Absence Management Policy aims to treat all Employees fairly and reasonably.


Notification of Absence

If You are unable to come to work, for any reason, You must inform Us by telephone. This communication should be as soon as possible, but at the latest by a minimum of 1 hour before Your shift start time on the first day of absence. You should advise Us of the reason for Your absence and Your expected date of return.

If You are unable to return to work by the date stated, You should contact Us regularly to update Us on Your state of health and likely return date.

For periods of sickness exceeding 7 calendar days, You must obtain a Statement of Fitness for Work from Your Doctor. Failure to notify Us of an absence in accordance with this procedure may result in loss of sick pay or disciplinary action being taken.

Statements of Fitness for Work

If a doctor advises on the Statement of Fitness for Work that You are fit for work then We will ensure any necessary suggestions, adaption’s or phased return to work plan is considered seriously. If these cannot be taken on board clear business reasons will be provided and the Employee will be unfit for work until the termination date on the original statement.

Personal Health Appointments

Wherever possible, You should make all appointments for doctors, dentists, opticians, etc. outside of Your normal working hours. Where this is not possible, every effort should be made to ensure that You continue to fulfil Your duties without detriment to Our efficiency. Agreements to such appointments should be made with Us, giving as much notice as possible. You may be asked to produce an appointment card.

Sickness Whilst on Annual Leave

If You are ill whilst on annual leave, You should notify Us as soon as practically possible. If the sickness absence is covered by a statement of fitness for work from Your G.P., or other appropriate medical practitioner, then the number of days to which this relates will not count as annual leave but as sickness.

Medical Examination/ Access to Medical Records

In cases of long-term sickness absence (generally periods exceeding four weeks and/ or where no expected return date is known), We will write to You to seek Your permission to contact Your G.P./ Specialist/ Consultant and request a report on Your medical condition. This request will comply with the Medical Reports Act 1988 and will ask:-

  • The cause of the absence;
  • The likely duration of the absence;
  • The effects the illness would have on the Employee performing their duties;
  • Any workplace adjustments that they may recommend;
  • The likelihood of any recurrence of this illness;
  • Any other questions as may be relevant.

We reserve the right to ask You to undergo a medical examination by a Doctor appointed by Us, at the Our expense.

This will enable Us, on the advice from the appointed Doctor, to make informed decisions regarding Your future employment with Us.

Unsatisfactory Attendance Record

If You are absent from work due to sickness on more than 3 occasions within a 12 month period, then the We reserves the right to invite You to a formal investigation for unsatisfactory attendance, which may lead to potential disciplinary action being taken against You.

Jury Service

If You are required to complete Jury Service You will be not be paid Your normal salary for 2 weeks, this will be claimed back through the courts.

Termination of Employment in Relation to Absence

In general, We will not consider terminating the employment of an Employee who is absent from work due to genuine sickness or injury during the first 4 weeks of absence. Thereafter the position will be reviewed regularly and ultimately it may become necessary from a business perspective to consider termination of employment. In these circumstances, We will:

  • Review the Employees absence record to assess whether it is sufficient to justify dismissal;
  • Consult the Employee;
  • Obtain up to date medical advice;
  • Advise the Employee in writing as soon as it is established that termination of employment has become a possibility;
  • Meet with the Employee to discuss the options and consider the Employee’s views on continuing employment;
  • Review whether there are any other jobs that the Employee could do prior to taking any decision on whether to dismiss;
  • Allow right of appeal against any decision to dismiss the Employee on grounds of long-term ill health;
  • Arrange further meeting with the Employee to determine any appeal;
  • Inform the Employee of Our final decision;
  • Act reasonably towards the Employee at all times.

CHANGES TO Attendance and Absence Management Policy

This Attendance and Absence Management Policy replaces all previous versions. We reserve the right to change the Attendance and Absence Management Policy at any time.