This document is applicable to customers and users only. Employees of Blue Ring Digital Services Limited must use Our Grievance Policy.

"Complaints Policy" refers to this Complaints Policy.

"You", "Your" refers to You the customer/ user.

"We", "Us", "Our", "Blue Ring Digital Services Limited" refers to Blue Ring Digital Services Limited.

We're here to resolve Your problem. We do everything We can to make sure Our customers get the best possible service.However, sometimes We do not get things right. When this happens We will encourage You to tell Us about Your complaint so that We can put matters right.

We want to:

  • Make it easy for You to raise Your complaint;
  • Listen to Your complaint;
  • Consider how You would like Us to resolve Your complaint;
  • Make sure You are satisfied with how Your complaint was handled.

The remainder of this page explains what to do if You have a complaint about the service from Blue Ring Digital Services Limited. It also tells You how quickly We will deal with Your complaint and what You can do if You are not satisfied with Our response.

How, When and where to complain

If You are dissatisfied with any part of Our service, please contact Us by telephone in the first instance. By discussing Your concern with Our team, issues can usually be resolved the same day. They will be able to discuss the problem with You and together You can agree the next steps.

You can always contact Us by e-mail or via Our contact form, rather than by telephone if You prefer.

We take all complaints and expressions of disatisfaction We receive seriously and do Our best to work with Our customers to reach a resolution within 2 weeks.

We ask that You give Us the details of Your complaint or disatisfaction within 1 month of the incident, or within 1 month of You becoming aware of the problem. We will respond to Your concerns considerately, quickly and as effectively as possible.

Summary Resolution

This is the first stage of Our complaints process. This allows Us to review Your complaint and provide You with a Summary Resolution. If You are unhappy with Our Summary Resolution You can ask for this to be reconcidered, after which a Final Response will be provided.

Same Day

We aim to resolve all complaints the same day and will provide You with Our Summary Resolution. We may not be able to provide a resolution the same day if further information is required or if further investigations are required.

Within 7 business days

If We have been unable to resolve Your complaint the same day We will carry out a full review and aim to obtain all further information required, including the completion of interviews and investigations, within 7 business days. We will contact You within this time to update You on Our progress and may also be able to provide Our Summary Resolution at this time.

Within 2 weeks

Following Our full review (which should be completed within 7 business days) We aim to provide You with Our Summary Resolution within 2 weeks, if not already provided. We appreciate that sometimes We may be dealing with a complex issue and need additional time to ensure We get things right. If for any reason We take longer than 2 weeks (which is a very rare occurance), We will contact You to update You on Our progress and advise when We will be in a position to provide Our Summary Resolution.

Final Response

If You are unhappy with Our Summary Resolution You can ask for Your complaint to be reconcidered. Your complaint will then be reviewd by a senior member of the team who will provide You with Our Final Response.

Within 2 weeks

A senior member of Our team will review Your complaint and the Summary Resolution provided. They will take in to account any new information You have provided and will review all of the information in relation to Your complaint (this may involve reconducting an investigation and interviews).

Once this process is complete You will be provided with Our Final Response. At this time We will concider the complaint resolved.

Compensation and monetary limits

While not every complaint will require compensation or refund any complaints or claims brought forward (directly or via legal channels), if upheld, will have a monetary limit. This limit will be the amount paid for the product or service You raise a complaint about and only for the period in which Your complaint lies.

Compensation is not provided for indirect or consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever arising from use or loss of use, data, or profits, whether in action of contract, negligence or other tortious action.

What happens if We cannot reach agreement?

We don’t currently subscribe to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme as we’re confident We will always attempt to resolve any complaint professionally and courteously.

If You remain unhappy with Our Final Response, we’re required to let You know about ADR. The full list of ADR providers, and more information on ADR, can be found on the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) website. The list of ADR providers is regulated by the CTSI.

Changes to Our Complaints Policy

This Complaints Policy replace all previous versions. We reserve the right to change this Complaints Policy at any time.