Sustainability and the Environment


Blue Ring Digital Services Ltd is committed to keeping our infrastructure climate-neutral and free of environmental trade-offs. By hosting with us or using our cloud or server products, your business can reduce its impact on the climate.

Through the use of green energy, we minimise our CO₂ emissions. From energy sourcing to the supply chain, sustainability remains a key factor in our decision-making process.

Reducing energy consumption is just as important as sourcing sustainable energy.

By optimising IT, such as through virtualisation and container clusters, we maximise the customer benefit while minimising our environmental impact.

Environmental protection
Environmental protection

Powered by 100% green energy

To reduce our CO₂ output and to do our part in the fight against climate change, Blue Ring Digital Services Ltd uses energy from renewable sources with our Head Office now powered by solar energy. We give priority to local and regional suppliers who also use renewable energy. 

In 2022, we were able to save more than 1700KG of CO₂ (equating to about 660KG of Coal) through our use of green energy.

Powered by green energy
Powered by green energy

Remote working and responsible travel

All our energy-efficient offices are equipped for high-end video conferencing and virtual meetings. This ensures cross-country collaboration without the need for cross-country travel.

When travelling is a must, train is preferred. Blue Ring Digital Services Ltd employees are also encouraged to carpool or use alternate fossil-fuel-free forms of transport.

Remote working amp; commuting by train, bike and electric car
Remote working & commuting by train, bike and electric car