Our Values


At our core, we believe in openness. We welcome diverse perspectives, encourage open communication, and value transparency in everything we do. By fostering an environment where ideas are freely exchanged and feedback is welcomed, we cultivate trust and collaboration, driving innovation and growth.

A sense of humour

We understand the power of laughter to break down barriers, spark creativity, and strengthen relationships. With a lighthearted approach to our work, we infuse joy and positivity into every project, making the journey enjoyable for both our team and our clients.

Straight Talking

We value direct and honest communication. We believe in saying what needs to be said, even when it's difficult, because clarity is key to building strong relationships and achieving shared goals. By being straightforward and transparent, we foster trust and mutual understanding.


Responsibility is at the heart of everything we do. We take ownership of our actions, deliver on our promises, and prioritize the well-being of our clients, our team, and the communities we serve. With a commitment to ethical conduct and sustainability, we strive to make a positive impact in all aspects of our business.

Our Logo

Our logo is inspired by a coffee cup stain with imperfect shapes, rounded edges to communicate our strong, yet approachable, nature.

Can only be used in Digital Blue or Cloud White.

Blue Ring Digital Services - 2023 Logo
Blue Ring Digital Services - 2023 Logo

Logo Spacing & Sizing

Be sure to maintain a sufficient amount of clear space around the logo (safe zone), padding of 30% of the logo size is required at a minimum.

To maintain legibility, ensure that the logo does not get too small when applying to apparel, communications, or in digital media.

Minimum size: 45px wide.

Look & Style - Logo Brand Guideline
Blue Ring Digital Services - 2023 Logo with 'Save Zone' Markings

The Logo Don'ts

Here is what not to do with our logo:-

  • Don’t stretch or manipulate the logo;
  • Don't change the logo colours from our brand colours;
  • Don't create your own version;
  • Overcrowd the logo or violate the safe zone established in the Spacing & Sizing section above.
Look & Style - Logo Brand Guideline Violations
Blue Ring Digital Services - 2023 Logo Violations

Our Colours

Our colour palette is simple using the primary colour to draw attention to key actions and information.

Digital Blue


R 56

G 149

B 228

Storm Grey


R 140

G 140

B 140

Cloud Grey


R 240

G 240

B 240

Cloud White


R 255

G 255

B 255


The typography we use is one of the most used and remarkable sans serif typefaces in the design market, that was designed by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann in 1957.

Helvetica, also known as Neue Haas Grotesk, was chosen due to its wide availability and readability.


Helvetica Sans-serif Regular


Ensure the Helvetica typeface is set using the Hierarchy and Paring rules below to maintain consistency across all brand applications. 

Fonts must be in Storm Grey, Cloud White, or Digital Blue - depending on the application and background colour.


It is important to organise typography in a hierarchical system.

Headline (<H1>)

Helvetica sans-serif regular

160% body copy size

Weight: 400

Bottom margin: 20px

Left aligned

All caps case

Subheading (<H2>)

Helvetica sans-serif regular

140% body copy size

Weight: 400

Bottom margin: 20px

Left aligned

All caps case

Subheading (<H3>)

Helvetica sans-serif regular

120% subhead point size

Weight: 400

Bottom margin: 15px

Left aligned

All caps case

Body Copy

Helvetica sans-serif regular


Weight: 400

Bottom margin: 20px

Left aligned

Sentence case


It is important to use the correct font colours based on the application and background colour. Please see Our Colours above for the colours that relate to the names detailed here.

Digital Blue Background

Standard font: Cloud White

Hyperlinks (<a>) font: Cloud White

Hyperlinks (<a>) must be underlined

Storm Grey Background

Standard font: Cloud White

Hyperlinks (<a>) font: Cloud White

Hyperlinks (<a>) must be underlined 

Cloud Grey Background

Standard font: Storm Grey

Cloud White Background

Standard font: Storm Grey

Our Voice

In the same way that we want sustainable digital services to be accessible to everybody, we want our copy to be just as accessible. ‍The role of our copy is to tell our story through our defined brand voice. Our voice reflects our community: the way they speak, what they value, and how they connect with the world around them. When we speak to our community in a consistent way, we build their trust and show them what we’re all about. It’s a lot like making a friend.

Tone of Voice

  • Friendly, but not overbearing - We speak conversationally without being over the top. Our brand of positivity should be casual and relatable without trying too hard;
  • Motivational, but not militant - We want to encourage others to lead a more environmentally and financially sustainable life;
  • Relatable, but not studied - We use abbreviations and slang that our community would use when it’s appropriate and authentic. We don’t abbreviate or use slang for the sake of it, or at the expense of clarity;
  • Educational. but not alarmist - We get that everybody has different levels of knowledge and moves at their own speed. We want to educate without scaring people off;
  • Concise, but not curt - We speak in simple terminology that everybody can understand. Aim to eliminate unnecessary words throughout copy unless doing so makes us sound harsh or impersonal. 

Key Messaging

If it's your passion, you need to put a ring on it.

Grammar Basics

This document should not prohibit creativity. However, to break the rules, you need to know them first. This document is not an exhaustive grammatical guide.


Generally, the standard rules of capitalisation for title case and sentence case apply.

Title Case

"Title Case Looks Like This", to be used for:

  • Email subject lines;

  • Formal letter headings;
  • Product & service names (even when within a sentence).


Not all words are to be capitalised (such as: and, the, a, of, etc.), as an example ‘the’ is only capitalised when it is the first word in a sentence or title.


All Caps Case

"ALL CAPS LOOKS LIKE THIS", to be used for:-

  • Website headings (i.e. H1, H2, and H3);

Sentence Case

"Sentence case looks like this.", to be used for:-

  • Body text;

  • Social media captions;
  • Ad copy: do not use title case for ad copy unless it applies to one of the above cases for proper usage.


When in doubt, if it is longer than a sentence, use sentence case


Punctuation Preferences

  • Terminal Punctuation: Use terminal punctuation for body text or subheadings that are a full sentence. Do not use terminal punctuation for headings or subject lines; 

  • Exclamation Marks: Use sparingly — this comes back to our ‘friendly, but not overbearing’ tone descriptor. 
  • Contractions: Use contractions whenever possible; they make our communication sound more casual and approachable.


As a brand, we speak our own language that we’re constantly teaching our community. This language is made up of (and excludes) specific terminology and applications that need to be consistent across all channels.


As a general rule, avoid puns unless a play on words that has been previously discussed and helps us tell a broader marketing story

Images & Videos

Unless an image is the main focus of the page, document or Ad copy it should be in a grey style filter. This excludes or logo.

Imagery should not be of real life (people, places, situations, etc.) and should only be in an infographic style. This excludes our portfolio and product template imagery.

Videos should have a grey style poster image but the video itself should be in colour.

Videos should use the Digital Dreaming sound track.


Our telephony services must not use auto attendants (press 1 for X, press 2 for X, etc.).

The automated telephony voice must be consistent (i.e. must not switch from one voice to another).

On hold music must be played without constant up-selling or interrupting messaging. 

On hold music must play the Digital Dreaming sound track.

Brand Downloads

Use the link below to download our brand media:-

  • Logo (.png);

  • Logo (.svg);
  • Digital Dreaming sound track.

Download our brand pack