What are Parent and Child Pages?

Creating a hierarchical structure by establishing a parent-child relationship between individual pages is a great way to organise your content, and can help display other relevant content to your visitors, based on the page they are viewing.

All pages start as a child (often called a subpage) of the home page. Once a child page then has children they become a parent. The structure will begin to look like a family tree.

If you had a blog for car enthusiasts the structur may look a little like this:-

  • Home Page
    • About Us (Child Page)
    • Sports Cars (Parent Page)
      • The most expensive sports car to buy (Child Page)
      • Popular sports care colours (Child Page)
    • Car maintenance (Parent Page)
      • How to change your engine oil (Child Page)

In this example you will see that 'Sports Cars' is the parent to 2 children. So if your visitor was viewing that Page they can quickly jump to the child pages to continue their journey on that subject.

When a parent-child relationship exists the Parent page will automatically show links to its children in menus and in other key areas.

How do I Make A Parent-Child Page relationship?

When creating or editing a Page, under Parent Page simply select the Page that is to become this Pages parent. That Page will automatically change to a parent and this Page will become a child of that Page.