How do I create a Policy Page?

You create Policy Pages in the same way you would a standard Page, see  for full details.

However during the creation of a Page, or when editing an existing Page, you must ensure you select the type of Policy Page you are creating under Is this a policy page?.

We currently support the following Policy Page types:-

  • Terms of Service;
  • Privacy Policy;
  • Copyright Notice;
  • Refund Policy.

If you do not already have wording for the policy you are creating you can generate some templated wording to help you get started - which covers most of the basics. After you have selected the type of Policy Page under Is this a policy page? simply tap or click Create or Save Changes, then head back to the Is this a policy page? option and there will be a link just below it (i.e. Regenerate Privacy Policy content). Tap or click that link, which will replace the Page content with templated wording, then amend the displayed Page Content as needed and then tap or click Save Changes.



If you already have Page Content created on a Page, using the Regenerate link will overwrite the existing content for the current Page with templated wording.