How do I delete a Team Member?

To delete a Team Member, do the following:-

  1. First tap or click  Meet the team from the menu;
  2. Then tap or click the Team Member you want to delete;
  3. Now tap or click Delete team member and then tap or click Ok on the popup notice.


This will not delete the image used on this Team Member, as it may be used in other areas of your website. If you want to delete the the image you will need to do that separately from the  Media screen.

Privacy & Consent Warning

You should ask and gain written consent from your team member before publicly placing their details on your website, which they would reasonably have a legal right to refuse. Not everyone will want their photo, or even their name appearing online - mainly due to privacy concerns. A team member may be worried about receiving unwanted attention or may have even been the survivor of abuse, and does not want their details or their place of employment to be easily found.