How do I integrate with Google Merchant Center?

If you  Sign in to your account the details on this page will be customised to you.

To connect your catalogue with the Google Merchant Center, do the following:-

  1. Visit and sign in to your account;
    • If you do not have an account create one and follow the set-up steps provided.
  2. Then tap or click Settings (the cog in the top right-hand corner);
  3. Then tap or click Data sources in the drop down menu;
  4. Then tap or click Add data source;
  5. Then tap or click Add products from a file;
  6. Now update the displayed fields with the information below:-
    • Enter a link to your file - enter the following URL
    • Edit schedule - we recommend setting this to Weekly or Monthly with a time of 5am
    • Add authentication information - leave these fields blank, no username or password is required as no sensitive data is shared;
  7. Finally tap or click Continue. Google will start to fetch your products and after verifying the details (which can take around 3 days) Google will begin to show in the Shopping areas of Google search.


Only products that have a base price greater than zero and are not marked as 'Call to order/ confirm price' are exported. Once exported Google will check the products again using the schedule you set above to keep the products up-to-date in Google search. See