How do I integrate with Facebook Commerce?

To connect your catalogue with the Facebook Commerce, do the following:-

  1. Visit and sign in to your account;
    • If you do not have an account create one and follow the set-up steps provided.
  2. Then tap or click Catalogue in the left hand menu;
  3. Then tap or click Data sources;
  4. Then tap or click Add items;
  5. Then tap or click Data feed;
  6. Now update the displayed fields with the information below:-
    • Use a URL or Google Sheets - enter the following URL
  7. Then tap or click Next;
  8. Now, in the popup box, select your stores Default currency, you can leave the other fields as they are;
  9. Finally tap or click Upload. Facebook will start to fetch your products and after verifying the details.


Only products that have a base price greater than zero and are not marked as 'Call to order/ confirm price' are exported. Once exported Facebook will check the products again using the schedule you set above to keep the products up-to-date in Facebook Commerce Manager. See How do I get started and use the Facebook Commerce Manager?