How do I edit a FAQ?

To edit a FAQ, do the following:-

  1. First tap or click  FAQ's from the menu;
  2. Then tap or click the FAQ you want to edit;
  3. Now update the displayed fields as needed:-
    • Question - Enter the Frequently Asked Question, and don't forget to end this with a question mark. It's best to keep this less than 10 words long and try to include 1 keyword to help boost your on page SEO.
    • Answer - Enter the answer to the Frequently Asked Question. It's a good idea to be descriptive here, you want to make sure you fully answer the question. Aim for at least 50 words and try to include 1 or 2 keywords to help boost you on page SEO.
    • FAQ Icon - Select an icon from the list that best represents your Frequently Asked Question.
  4. Finally, tap or click Save Changes.