How do I set-up an e-mail account in Apple Mail?

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To set up an e-mail account in Apple Mail do the following:-

  1. First open Apple Mail;
  2. Then click Mail;
  3. Now click Add Account;
  4. Select Other Mail Account... and then click Continue;
  5. Enter the requested information and then click Sign in;
    • You may receive an error and be asked for further information, enter the additional information and click Sign in;
      • Account Type - this must be set to IMAP;
      • Incoming Mail Server - this must be set to;
      • Outgoing Mail Server - this must be set to;
      • Username - this is your full e-mail address;;
      • Password - this is your e-mail account password (this is case sensative);
  6. Make sure that Mail is selected and then click Done.


This guide was created for the Mac OS 10.12.4 operating system, the steps below may be different on other versions of Mac OS.