How do I manage stock control settings?

If you need to manage your products stock level there are a few settings to help with this. 

To manage your stock control settings, do the following:-

  1. First tap or click  Ecommerce from the menu;
  2. Then tap or click the General Options tab;
  3. Now, under Stock Options, update the following fields as needed:-
    • Enable stock checking - when set to Yes customers will be limited to the quantity of a product they can add to their basket based on the products available stock;
    • Update stock level on checkout - when set to Yes, after a customer checks out, the products they have ordered will reduce the number you have in stock;
    • Allow checkout even if out of stock - when set to Yes, customers can still order products that you have zero stock of, this is generally used for back ordering;
    • Out of stock indicator (3 character limit) - if a customer has ordered items that are out of stock they will have these characters appended to the product name on the order. This is generally to help you identify something on back order;
    • Stock reorder level - when a products stock level reaches this number you will receive an email to notify you that stock of an item is running low and it is now time to restock;
    • Show out of stock items - when set to Yes products that are out of stock will no longer be shown to customers;
  4. Finally tap or click Save Changes;