How do I offer Quantity Discount Pricing on a Product?

Quantity Discount Pricing allows you to offer discounts on a products base price based on the quantity of a product the customer is checking out with.

To offer Quantity Discount Pricing on a Product, do the following:-

  1. First tap or click  Ecommerce from the menu;
  2. Then tap or click the Products tab;
  3. Then tap or click the product that you want to offer Quantity Discount Pricing on;
  4. Under Quantity Discount Pricing tap or click Create a new discount quantity;
  5. Now complete the displayed fields:-
    • Qty - this is the quantity the customer needs to have in their basket to qualify for the discount (i.e. 5);
    • Discounted price per item - this is the new base price for the product to be used when the Qty above is reached (i.e. 30.00).
  6. Finally tap or click Create. Repeat these steps to add addition discounts for different quantities.


Using the example above if the product price is normally 50.00 and the customer adds 5 or more to their basket the product price will change to 30.00 each, however if they have less 5 in their basket the price will remain at 50.00 each.


If you have Product Options set up for this product you can force this discount to only be available if all the products in the customer basket have the same options by setting the Mixed product options count towards quantity discount pricing quantities on the Products Details tab under Checkout Settings to No (i.e. 5 in basket all with the Colour option as Red). If you want to offer this discount regardless of what options are selected (i.e. 2 in basket with the Colour option as Red and 3 in the basket with the Colour option Blue) set this to Yes.