How do I make a Product downloadable?

If your product is not a physical item and is something that a customer can download after purchase you can set this up making the file available for download after purchase.

To make a product downloadable, do the following:-

  1. First tap or click  Ecommerce from the menu;
  2. Then tap or click the Products tab;
  3. Then tap or click the product you want to make downloadable;
  4. Then scroll down to Product Options and tap or click Add a product download file;
  5. Now complete the displayed fields:-
    • File name - enter a friendly display name for this (i.e.  Ultimate Marketing Guide);
    • How many days is the download allowed following purchase (0 for unlimited) - once purchased set how many days the customer will have access to the file. Enter 0 here if the download link should not expire;
    • How many times can this file be downloaded (0 for unlimited) - once purchased set how many times the customer can use the download link. Enter 0 here if they have unlimited use.
    • File to upload (all file types are accepted) - select the file that the customer will download following their purchase.
  6. Finally tap or click Create.


You can only have 1 file assigned to a product for download. If you have multiple files you should put these in to a .zip or .rar file. Once you have added a download file the Add a product download file link will not show under Product Options.


If a customers order only contains downloadable items and payment has been made their order will automatically be set to Dispatched/ Complete as no shipping or further actions are needed on your part. Downloads are only available to customers when their order status is set to Dispatched/ Complete, orders that are not paid will not automatically be set to this status and you will need to do this manually once payment has been received.