How do I setup the Stripe payment module?

To enable Stripe payments to be taken on your store, the Stripe Card Processing module must first be setup. To do this do the following:-

  1. First tap or click  Ecommerce from the menu;
  2. Then tap or click Payment Options;
  3. Then tap or click Stripe Card Processing;
  4. Now complete the displayed fields:-
    • Payment option status - Set this to Enabled so that Stripe payments can be taken or Disabled to turn Stripe payments off;
    • Live Publishable key - This is generated in your Stripe account;
    • Live Secret key - This is the generated in your Stripe account;
    • Availability - Select which geographical users can use this payment option. You can allow Stripe payments Worldwide or only in certain regions (like Europe);
  5. Finally tap or click Save Changes.


If a customer places an order using this payment option their order will be set as Payment received - preparing for dispatch.