How do I setup the Payment on Account payment module?

To enable Payment on Account orders on your store, the Payment on Account module must first be setup and you will need to select which customers are authorised to use this as a payment option.

To do this do the following:-

  1. First tap or click  Ecommerce from the menu;
  2. Then tap or click Payment Options;
  3. Then tap or click Payment on Account;
  4. Then set the Payment option status to Enabled so that Payment on Account orders can be taken or Disabled to turn this module off;
  5. Then tap or click Save Changes;
  6. This payment method is only available to customers you have agreed credit terms with. You will need to set Allow this customer to pay on invoice and set a Credit Limit in their account under Credit Options.


The customer will not be presented with this option if the value of unpaid orders plus the checkout value exceeds the credit limit set for them.