How do I send a Push Notification to a customer?

To send a push notification to a customer via their account do the following:-

  1. First open the customer account that you would like to message;
  2. Then tap or click the Send a push notification tab;
  3. Now enter your message subject under Message title;
  4. Now enter your message to the customer under Message. You should keep this message breif, one sentance is best. Long messages may not display fully on your customers device;
  5. Now under Message link select where the customer should be directed to if they tap or click your message;
  6. Finally tap or click Send now.


A copy of this push notification will be kept in the Communications section of the customers account. 


You can only send push notifications to a customer if they have registered for them. If there is no active registration you will not see any input fields in this section, only a message to advise that the customer has not subscribed.


When you tap or click Send now this will send the push notification straight away without a preview or confirmation.