How do I edit a Customers details?

To edit a Customers details, do the following:-

  1. First open the customer account that you want to edit;
  2. Now update the displayed fields as needed:-
    • Customers first (given) name - Enter the customers first name, also known as a given name.
    • Customers last (family) name - Enter the customers last name, also known as a family name.
    • Customers date of birth - If known enter the customers date of birth.
    • Customers telephone number - Enter the customers telephone number, its best to include any international dial code here too.
    • Customers e-mail address - Enter the customers e-mail address. This will also be the e-mail address they will need to use to log in to their account.
    • Account password:-
      • Set a new account password - Enter a password that the customer will use to log in to their account. They will be able to change this once they have logged in.
    • Customer address:-
      • To edit an existing address, tap or click the one you want to edit;
      • To create another address, tap or click Create a new address.
    • Group Discount Pricing:-
      • Group discount pricing name - If you want to offer this customer a discount on your stors displayed price, select the discount group that will apply. When checking out the customers order will be automatically discounted. You will need to have set-up Group Pricing first.
    • Credit Options:-
      • Allow this customer to pay on invoice - If you have enabled the Pay on Invice payment module, use the switch to select if this customer is allowed to place an order and pay on invoice. Be sure to set an appropriate credit limit below.
      • Credit limit - Enter the credit limit that will apply to this customer. They will not be able to place new orders, using the pay on invoice option, if the new order amount will exceed the available credit available. However, they can still checkout using other instant payment options. Orders that are not paid in full are deducted from the available credit.