How do I create a new Customer?

To create a new customer, do the following:-

  1. First tap or click  Ecommerce from the menu:-
  2. Then tap or click the Customers tab;
  3. Then tap or click Create a new customer;
  4. Now complete the displayed fields:-
    • Customers first (given) name - Enter the customers first name, also known as a given name.
    • Customers last (family) name - Enter the customers last name, also known as a family name.
    • Customers date of birth - If known enter the customers date of birth.
    • Customers telephone number - Enter the customers telephone number, its best to include any international dial code here too.
    • Customers e-mail address - Enter the customers e-mail address. This will also be the e-mail address they will need to use to log in to their account.
    • Account password:-
      • Set a new account password - Enter a password that the customer will use to log in to their account. They will be able to change this once they have logged in.
    • Customer address:-
      • Customers company name - If applicable, enter the customers business name.
      • Address line 1 - Enter the first line of the customers address.
      • Address line 2 - If applicable, enter the second line of the customers address.
      • City - Enter the cite for the customers address.
      • State - Enter the state for the customers address.
      • Post code - Enter the post code for the customers address.
      • Country - Enter the country for the customers address.
  5. Finally tap or click Create.