How do I edit an existing Discount Coupon?

To edit an existing discount coupon do the following:-

  1. First tap or click  Ecommerce from the menu;
  2. Then tap or click Payment Options;
  3. Then tap or click the coupon you want to edit under Discount Coupons;
  4. Now edit the displayed fields that you want to change:-
    • Coupon name - set a useful description for this coupon (this can be displayed to the customer);
    • Coupon code - enter the code you want your customers to use (i.e 15OFF) or leave this field blank and one will automatically be created;
    • Coupon value - enter the value of this coupon (i.e. 15.00) - you will select if this is a fixed amount or a percentage in the Coupon value type;
    • Coupon value type - here you will select if the amount you enter above is a fixed value or a percentage, and whether or not shipping will be free;
    • Should shipping costs be included in the discount calculations - select if shipping costs should be included in the discount calculation;
    • Minimum order value - set the minimum order value that this coupon will be allowed to for;
    • Maximum uses per user - set the number of ime the same customer can use this discount coupon;
    • Can this coupon be used on products that already have a special/ discounted price - if you already have already discounted a product you can select if this coupon will further discount the price or not;
    • Coupon valid to - select the date that this coupon will expire and can no longer be used.
  5. Finally tap or click Save Changes.


If you change the Coupon code you will no longer be able to see the orders that used that code in the Coupon Usage tab on this screen.