How do I edit a Client/ Accreditation item?

To edit a Client/ Accreditation item do the following:-

  1. First tap or click  Client/ Accreditation from the menu;
  2. Then tap or click the Client/ Accreditation item you want to edit;
  3. Now update the displayed fields as needed:-
    • Client/ Accreditation name - Enter the name that represents the client or accreditation you wish to display.
    • Client/ Accreditation Image
      • To change the Client/ Accreditation image tap or click Change Image - you will be directed to the  Media screen, where you can upload a new image or select an existing one. Once selected or uploaded this will automatically be set as this Client/ Accreditation image. See, for more details.
      • To remove the Client/ Accreditation image tap or click Remove Image.
  4. Then tap or click Save Changes;

Intellectual Property & Copyright Infringment Warning

Its best to gain written consent from the business or person whose logos you want to display on your website. While your use of such assets are likely to be considered as Nominative Use you must ensure that you follow their brand guidelines and are not misleading or misrepresenting your relationship. See for more details.