How do I edit the home page Call to Action?

To edit the home page Call to Action do the following:-

  1. First tap or click  Call to action from the menu;
  2. Then update the displayed fields as needed:-
    • Display this section in menu's and on the home page - Select if the Call to Action section is to be displayed. If it is to be displayed, choose whether this will show on the home page and have a link in the menu, or if it will just show as a section on the home page.
    • Call to Action title - Enter a short and catchy title that will grab your visitors attention, prompting them to take action. Try to keep this less than 6 words long and be sure to include at least 1 keyword to help boost your on page SEO.
    • Call to Action details - Enter details about the action you are intending your visitors to take. Aim for about 25 words and try to include at least 2 keywords to help boost your on page SEO.
    • Call to Action button name - Give the button a descriptive label, something that will make your visitor want to tap or click it. You should keep this 3 or 4 words long and be sure that the label relates to the link you selected above. To help boost your on page SEO, avoid generic terms like 'Click Here', or 'Read More'.
    • Call to Action button link - Use the drop down box and select where visitors should be directed to when clicking the Call to Action button. You can choose to direct your visitor to another page you have created, a section on your home page (like your contact form), one of your social platforms, or if you select your contact number here your visitors mobile device will initiate a telephone call.
  3. Finally, tap or click Save Changes.