What is an About Us section?

An About Us section on your website is an opportunity to tell your brand’s story, share your vision, history, values, and achievements.  This is where you build trust and credibility with customers and visitors.

It has been shown that visitors navigate to an About Us page to learn more about the brand and the people behind the products. An About Us section should address those two curiosities your customers and visitors have to help them with decision making. 

Customers and visitors are also interested in a company’s mission, which they’ll use the About Us page to determine if they share core values with the business. 

Components of an About Us page

Your About Us page is going to be about you... It should focus more on your brand identity and less on sales. Here are some components to include:

  • Your brand story - Tell the origin story of your business and why you started it. For the most impact, make it memorable and personal, so customers and visitors relate and connect with your brand.
  • Who you serve - What do you offer and who is it for? Help customers and visitors see the value of your product or service by sharing how it solves problems or needs. You should consider using the  Client/ Accreditation section, to show other brands that have trusted you and your business, or, to show the accreditations you have.
  • How you operate - If you offer a service, explain your business model or how your products are made. If you have a unique way of doing things, show it. This builds credibility with customers and visitors, and helps you stand out against competitors.
  • The face of your business - Detail founders or key people on your team. Customers like to see who they are buying from or working with, you should also consider adding and displaying your team using the  Meet the team section.
  • Persuasive content - Consider what step you’d like customers and visitors to take next and help persuade them to move them forward towards that goal. 

How do I edit the About Us section?

To edit the About Us section, do the following:-

  1. First tap or click  About us from the menu;
  2. Then update the displayed fields:-
    • Display this section in menu's and on the home page - Select if the About Us section is to be displayed. If it is to be displayed, choose whether this will show on the home page and have a link in the menu, or if it will just show as a section on the home page.
    • About Us heading - It's best to keep this less than 5 words long. Try to incorporate your business name, or simply leave this set as 'About Us'.
    • About Us subheading - It's best to keep this less than 15 words long. Try to incorporate a strap line that is associated with your business, or something that makes you stand out from other similar businesses.
    • About Us introduction - Use this space to introduce your business. Aim for about 400 words and be sure not only just to tell your story, but also why visitors should trust and use your business. If you can also work in 2 or 3 keywords this can help boost your on page SEO.
  3. Finally, tap or click Save Changes.