How do I edit the About Us section?

To edit the About Us section, do the following:-

  1. First tap or click  About us from the menu;
  2. Then update the displayed fields:-
    • Display this section in menu's and on the home page - Select if the About Us section is to be displayed. If it is to be displayed, choose whether this will show on the home page and have a link in the menu, or if it will just show as a section on the home page.
    • About Us heading - It's best to keep this less than 5 words long. Try to incorporate your business name, or simply leave this set as 'About Us'.
    • About Us subheading - It's best to keep this less than 15 words long. Try to incorporate a strap line that is associated with your business, or something that makes you stand out from other similar businesses.
    • About Us introduction - Use this space to introduce your business. Aim for about 400 words and be sure not only just to tell your story, but also why visitors should trust and use your business. If you can also work in 2 or 3 keywords this can help boost your on page SEO.
  3. Finally, tap or click Save Changes.